Dirty David's Affiliate Scheme

The ad system used on the dirty David swingers sites is available for use on other swingers / adult dating and contact sites in the UK and other English, French, Spanish and Germanspeaking countries.

The "Free" section of the system is feature rich and attractive to users with the ability to place an ad, upload media, view the profiles, view the first picture on a profile, respond to ads, and use the text chat rooms. the "Premium" area currently allows them access to all the pictures on a profile, and the video chat rooms. More "Premium" material is being developed.

The benefits

  • The system is able to be used to display only members who sign up through your portal, or the users from all the sites in the system (currently in excess of 2 million profiles)
  • You do not need to host any code except our join and login scripts.
  • The databases are hosted for you, the profiles administered for you, all you need to do are send people to join.
  • The program is developed in such a way that it encourages people to keep coming back - to read their mails, to use the chat room, to see who else is a member.
  • it is sticky product with an average visit time in excess of 11 minutes.
  • 45% of visitors return.
  • Designed to be viral. People will tell their friends about your site.
  • Completely white label. All emails come from your site. Members will log into your site.
  • Average user will login 4 times a day.

The costs

  • - there are none except the cost of your domain name!

Your income

  • You will be paid 50% of the joining fee (after costs) of any "Premium" memberships signed up through your site.

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